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Whenever an entrepreneur thinks of starting up a new venture, the first thing that comes to mind is the representation of the business. There are many companies that are incapable of reaching out to their customer base and head towards a downward spiral of business losses. There are many different techniques and strategies for reaching out to a customer. Advertising has become one of the pillars of starting a new venture. You need a personal touch to everything and it can only be done by getting to know the demographic closely. There are various ways to represent your venture in a highly competitive business world.

A Logo is a must have when it comes to expressing everything your company is in one design. Logo designs represent all the things your company is comprised of. A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol usually used by commercial organizations, and even individuals to help and promote instant public popularity. These are literally graphic emblems, symbols, icons, and logos, which consists of the name of the organization or a new business venture. The current age of logo design began in the 1870s with the first theoretical logo, the Bass red triangle. As of 2017, many corporations, products, brands, services, and organizations use an ideogram or a combination of sign and emblem as a logo.

Only a few of the thousands of emblems in circulation can be identified without a name. An efficient logo may contain both an ideogram and the company name to emphasize the name over the graphics, and deploy a unique design with the use of letters, colors, and additional graphics.Branding can focus on facilitating cross-language marketing. Consumers and potential clients can identify the Coca-Cola name inscribed in different alphabets because of the patent red color and “ribbon wave” design of its logo. The text was written in Spenserian Script, which was a popular writing style when the Coca-Cola Logo was being designed.

Since a logo is a visual attribute representing an organization, logo design is an essential area of graphic designing. A logo is the main element of a complex representation system that must be formally extended to all communications of a business venture. The design of logos and their integration in a graphical identity system is one of the most tedious and important aspects of graphic designing. Logos are meant to represent companies’ brands or corporate ideas and foster their instantaneous customer recognition, it is counterproductive to continuously redesign logos.

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